I have been calling Angie for her insight for nine years now (first from Taiwan, now from Vancouver, Canada) and am still amazed at what she can see!

I really don’t know where I’d be today without the benefit of her clarity and guidance throughout the years. Under her mentorship my spiritual growth has been exponential, and for that I am profoundly grateful.

~Karin M.  Vancouver, Canada

Meditation classes with Angie are like personal training sessions for your spirit & soul. Afterwards you leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and centered. I recommend them to anyone who wants to feel more relaxed, in control & aware.

For me getting a reading from Angie is the best therapy session you can get for your soul. I hear all the things I wanted to hear and all the things I’ve been trying to avoid in my life. Angie is always able to offer insight & solutions to anything she tells me. Afterward I always feel more connected to self & my path in this life.

~Mia D. Tonawanda,  NY

Angie uses fun, interesting exercises to gently invite members of her meditation group to stretch our spiritual communication skills in an intimate, safe group setting. I felt comfortably included even the very first time I attended. I also can happily vouch for Angie’s considerable skills with mediumship & past life regression.

~Linda M.  Niagara Falls, Ontario ( Canada)

I have been a client of Angie’s for 18 years now. I was first referred to her after my husband’s sudden death. Angie was able to make contact with my husband right away with much clarity & accuracy.

Her readings thru the years have always been accurate, insightful, & she makes reference to things in my life no one knows. During rough times she has given me hope & strength & showed me that life is about choices. She always offers guidance & direction.

After each reading my mind is always clearer & I get a peaceful feeling within myself.

Angie is a kind & caring person with an amazing gift. I am blessed & grateful to have her share that gift with me.

~Nancy H.   Kenmore,  NY

Angie has blessed my family by sharing her gifts of connection to spirit, through her open heart, which illuminates the path of union to source. by allowing source energy to flow into and through her, she is a conduit of the creator’s infinite love.

Angie provided much comfort and peace to my father as his soul prepared to journey home. The physical pain of his transition to spirit was eased by the grace of her ability to facilitate healing to both his physical and energy bodies.

She continues to provide healing for my family by connecting with my father, who is now in spirit, and sharing his messages with us. The messages Angie shares have brought laughter & tears, provided closure, and also validation in the truth of the soul’s continuity after physical death.  ~Maggie F.  Buffalo, NY

Angie is an incredible source for those looking to reconnect with loved ones who have passed over, as well as career, life & relationship advice. She has an amazing gift and uses her insight & special abilities to help those who come to her. I was skeptical and nervous at first, but this is a very peaceful & rewarding process.

~Renee S.  Amherst,  NY

Angie is a Spiritual Counselor, a title that accurately describes the level & intent of her abilities, and her devotion to truth & compassion. She always offers constructive suggestions to help her clients learn to help themselves, provides profound insight into their personal lives, and the confirmation they need that her information is reliable. She has developed an extensive following, all through referrals from clients whose lives have been transformed through Angie’s help. She also teaches classes so that she can share her knowledge and understanding & enable people to more skillfully direct their own lives.

~Sandy M. North Tonawanda, NY